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My friend [personal profile] kendrah who does tons of crafting and is having a problem getting all her stuff under control. Being a clutter prone person I can sympathise. Anyway she linked to this website and I found some awesome storage containers that would be perfect for me to keep all my stuff organized after I move.
Anyway so Kendrah has her eye on one of the desk but can't afford one no matter how much she loves it. Luckily they are having a contest where you can win an "EZ View Desk."

It has lots of desk space for her to have a sewing machine there, or for her to work on beading or other fiddly bits of her crafts. There are drawers, shelves, and side cubbies for all her craft supplies. All she has to do is get enough votes to be one of the top three entries! The contest theme is "cute crafts," and I'd say her fox and squirrel are one of the cutest entries on the website. If you'd like to help me help my friend, please vote for her! She can receive one vote per day per IP address, so feel free to vote as often as you can before the contest is over. She has a long way to go, but I have faith that she has a good chance!
You can vote for Kendrah here: http://theoriginalscrapbox.com/craftbox_giveaway/showContestant.php?id=269.

Date: 2009-05-23 03:48 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kendrah
Today has been such a tiring day! I can't begin to describe it. ::hugs so tightly:: I appreciate all you've done for me, dear, and I hope you're enjoying the journal.

I'm really starting to get too over-focused with The Original ScrapBox.com, I think. It's been ruling my life the past few days! All I can think about is crafts, crafts, crafts and storage. I don't know where I'd put something like the WorkBox with my little house, and yet I still want it desperately. Ah well! One day I'll have the space and the money, and I will own the greatest piece of craft furniture on the market. ::nods::


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