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Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
I am a 29 year old female living in NC, however home is Florida. I'm currently going to school for my associate's degree after which I plan on going to FAU for a bachelor's in Biology. I am a pagan with no bent towards any one pagan religion in particular. My passions include music, writing, art, photography, activism, friends, family, beauty, and the paranormal. I am interested in human and animal rights as well as conservation of the environment and our other natural resources including wildlife. I'm a major anglophile just warning ya ahead of time. My tastes run broad in range but you can be sure if it's gothic, medieval, or fantasy in nature I'll love it with extra points for having to do with swords, knives, or any other kind of blade. Music is one of my life necessities and I listen to rock, alternative, indie, some metal, and a plethora of other misc. music. I also love movies and the entertainment business in general with my major obsessions being all things LOTR or Supernatural related. Right now Supernatural owns my soul. I have three cats: Selkie, Luthien (Little Girl), and Lucky (Little Bit). Or maybe they have me, I'm pretty sure I'm not the one in charge here but I adore my kitty babies. I pride myself with being very open minded and quite liberal. You'll find it’s awfully hard to shock me. Here in lies profanity and much blah blah blah about my life. I am a little on the odd side but that’s part of my charm if you ask me. Welcome to my world, pull up a seat, and make yourself comfortable.

Interests (128):

3 doors down, ac/dc, accents, activism, aerosmith, american beauty, and many many many more., anglophile, animals, ann rice's early novels, arab strap, beecake, bisexual, biting, black and white photography, blades, bones, boy kissing, boy touching, boys in eyeliner, british, british slang, cats, celestial, classic rock, coldplay, conservation, dirty jobs, dominic monaghan, dragons, dress to kill, eddie izzard, egyptian, elijah wood, england, enviroment, enviromental issues, erotica, everything is illuminated, eyeliner, faeries, fairie, fairy, fantasy, fight club, finding neverland, florida, foo fighters, forest, franz ferdinand, gay rights, ghost adventures, ghost hunters, ghost stories, ghosts, gothic, green day, hippies, hockey, house, interview with a vampire, j.r.r. tolkien, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jet, johnny depp, keane, kilts, kink, knives, lake park, lord of the rings, lotr, mardi gras, mark lanegan, maroon 5, men, misha collins, monty python and the holy grail, movie stars, movies, music, musicans, my cat, myth busters, neil gaiman books, new orleans, new zealand, occult, pagan, paganisim, palm beach county, palm beach gardens, paranormal, paranormal state, pets, photography, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, poe, poetry, queen, queer as folk, rob thomas, rob zombie, rock, rock and roll, rock stars, savatage, scotland, scottish, silver, silver jewelry, singer/songwriter, slash, stars, supernatural, surreal, surrealism, swords, tattoos, the crow, the doors, the hobbit and lord of the rings, the killers, the rolling stones, trans-siberian orchestra, travis
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